About us

M4D3 Custom is the latest extension of the M4D3 brand; we launched this exciting new endeavor striving to reach the consumer who is eager about product customization. At M4D3 we create shoes that make a difference everyday, and now with M4D3 Custom you are able to personalize your experience, unleashing your creativity. Whether its something that represents you, a memory, interest, a team outing, or a birthday, M4D3 Custom allows you to tailor our fashion forward slides to your needs.


Personalize a pair for yourself, a friend or family, whether its a special gift, or a something that captures a special moment in your life. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, upload your own image, and make them yours. Whether you want to showcase your own artwork or personalize a slide for your friends or family, this is the perfect way to customize your own shoe without the custom price. From the upper to the sock to the bottom, design your own in 4 easy steps.


Create your art or take a photo.


Upload the file with any style.


Customize your color palette.


Wear it and share it.